How do websites, animations, and apps work?

Building your website

Once a website is created it must be viewable on phones, tablets/netbooks, and desktop computers. The basic phone and tablet market has Android, Windows, and iOS. The desktop will be a Mac or Windows. All of these operating systems can have multiple browsers and screen sizes.

Since the mobile market is gaining, every website must have “cross browser” compatibility with many screen sizes or you will lose customers. Also the world doesn’t want flashy over the top experiences anymore. Life is crazy enough, and browsing is starting get more popular than TV so a website should be easy on the eyes/mind but also have great interactivity. Resize your browser window to see how this page acts as it gets smaller and bigger.


Apps are a great resource for many websites to offer their product in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It can be as simple as a wait timer to be seated at a restaurant or as complicated as a language learning program. Since the mobile explosion, if you have a web app and not a mobile app, you are losing a lot of customers. For small interactive apps with small revenues the best way is to create it using web standard languages like html, css, and jQuery. Apple uses ‘C’ to program app, Android uses Java, and the web uses html, css, js, and ruby. There are ways to create a web based app and have it function in all platforms using Rhodes, PhoneGap, or Adobe Air.


The first word that comes to mind when it comes to animation is Flash. Unfortunately since Apple does not support Flash and HTML5 (website writing language) has its own animation capabilities, it is slowly being phased out. To keep your website up to date we now use a combination of programming languages like CSS3, javascript, and svg to create the same effects that flash used to offer us before.

Even though Flash is much better at animation, the fact that a lot of people aren’t able to see it, is the reason we cannot use it anymore. Fortunately HTML5 gives us the ability to generate awesome effects.